The solar panel industry has mushroomed over the past few years. Almost
every homeowner has at least considered adding solar panels to their
home to take advantage of the energy savings they promise. But reducing
energy consumption with solar does not stop at solar panels on the roof.

Here are 9 great products that can help you cut energy costs while adding
comfort and value to your lifestyle.

1. Solar Power Bank – Charge phones and tablets at home or on the
go with a solar power bank.

2. Portable Power Station – Need to power larger devices? A power
station can power more devices and attached to a small frig or laptop, can
keep you connected in a blackout.

3. Security Cameras – Save money and enhance your family’s safety.

4. Outdoor Wireless Speakers – Enjoy music where you want it in
your backyard by going cordless.

5. Camp Lantern – Whether actually camping or for emergency use
during a blackout, no batteries needed for a solar lantern.

6. Attic Fan – Keep your home cooler while harnessing the power of
the sun with an attic fan.

7. Animal Deterrent – Save energy and your flowers by deterring pesky
critters anywhere in the yard.

8. Solar Radio – In an emergency, a solar radio keeps you connected
to information. Take camping or to the beach to add fun tunes to your
outdoor experience.

9. Portable Stove – A light solar-powered stove makes the old gas
camp stoves obsolete. Safer and lighter, you can cook anywhere.

While whole house solar gets all the attention, smaller solar devices also
offer strong benefits without the cost or hassle.