You read that right. Should you “prep” an empty house? This is not about
adding furniture or plants to a vacant home, but it’s about looking at the
empty home and making it more appealing to buyers.

Not all homes need furniture to sell for top dollar, but even a vacant home
needs attention before it’s ready for showing. The key is to remove
anything that would distract from a buyer seeing the home in its best light
and highlight its best features.

What Should You Remove from a Vacant House?

· Anything that isn’t clean – Remove dirt from ceiling fans, baseboards,
sink, dishwasher, windows, shelves, etc.
· Leftover Items – Hangers in closets, old batteries from drawers.
· Cable and Cords – Neaten walls and floors by removing or hiding.
· Worn or Stained Carpet – Replace old, damaged, stained, or dated
· Old Window Treatments – Old dated curtains and tired Venetian blinds
are distracting, remove them.
· Spider Webs and Dust Balls – Check those corners for dead bugs,
cobwebs, and dust.
· Leave Behind Furniture – Don’t be tempted to leave indoor or outdoor
furniture you no longer want.
· Dead Leaves – Clean the yard and remove all debris.

Vacant homes offer a blank canvas for buyer’s imaginations. To sell quickly,
make sure the home is clean, fresh, and ready for showing by removing
distractions and anything which appears old, dirty, or shabby.