Real estate markets across the country are experiencing a strong seller’s market
right now. For potential sellers, this may be a golden opportunity to get top value
for their property. While it may be tempting to aim for the sky when setting the
listing price, that may not be your best option.

Here are 3 pricing strategies to consider before deciding on your asking price.

1. Listing at Market Value

Buyers love “realistic sellers.” After considering the market data for your
area, choosing to list at the current market value can attract the right buyer
and encourage a solid offer or two. Typically, this results in a full-price offer
with straightforward terms.

2. Listing High

It is always tempting to list ahead of the market, especially in a seller’s
market. This strategy is risky and can mean you waste valuable time by
sitting on the market with little interest. Even in a strong sellers’ market,
buyers will shy away from overpriced listings. If listing above market value,
experts suggest not higher than 5-7% higher.

3. Listing Low

Listing below market value will attract attention. The goal of this strategy is
to encourage a bidding war that results in a sales price over market value.
This works best for homes in turnkey condition and can backfire if the
home is unappealing and you receive low or no offers and must adjust the
price again.

A seller’s market presents opportunities. Working with your agent, discuss the
options and trends in your local market to get the best offer and terms.