Everyone dreams of living in a model home – a beautiful modern room with the perfect vase
of flowers sitting decoratively on a glass side table. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work this
way. Our homes tend to look more “lived in” with a pile of shoes by the front door, school
books on the kitchen table, and cat hair on the sofa.

If you have your home listed for sale, then you also know the stress of looking around your
home after a phone call requesting a showing with a few minutes’ notice. You want your home
to show well so the buyers can see the beauty of the home you love, but with such short
notice, how can you convert the lived-in look to a show-ready property?

Fortunately, there are a few tricks for helping you keep your home show-ready at any time.

• Plan in Advance – Before you even list your house, consider the adjustment you’ll need
to make in your lifestyle. Move non-essential items to a storage unit, to not only create
visual appeal but make it easier to clean quickly.

• Containers – A simple way to quickly eliminate toys, clothes, shoes, sports equipment,
and other items is storage bins. Keep some handy to throw excess items into before a
buyer shows up, and move them to the garage or basement, or even the back of a

• Establish a Routine – Get everyone in the family involved in establishing a daily routine.
The less clutter that accumulates, the easier it is to move out of sight quickly. All family
members should have morning and evening duties to keep the home tidy. If things are
kept up on a daily basis, it will make the clutter and mess less overwhelming.

Unfortunately, your life doesn’t stop just because you’ve listed your home for sale. Keep it
show-ready by preparing in advance, so those last-minute buyers can see your home’s charm
and not the day’s clutter.